how to play

The objective is to reveal a hidden picture by correctly coloring or marking the cells on the grid.

The game board consists of a rectangular grid. Along the edges of the grid, there are numbers that provide hints on how many cells in each row and column should be colored.

The numbers at the top of each column and on the left side of each row indicate how many consecutive colored cells there are in that row or column. The order of the numbers is crucial, as they describe the groups of colored cells and the number of uncolored cells between them.

Your task is to use the number clues and color the correct cells in the grid to reveal the hidden image. Logical reasoning and combination skills are essential to solve the puzzle, as incorrect markings may lead to wrong images.

One important tip is that sometimes, you can only deduce which cells should be marked with an X through logical elimination, and you may need to keep track of cells that must definitely remain uncolored.

Enjoy this captivating and intellectually stimulating puzzle as you uncover the hidden picture through deductive thinking and creative problem-solving!

puzzle settings

  • Customizing Rows and Columns: You have the option to specify the number of rows and columns to generate a Nonogram puzzle. This allows you to control the size and complexity of the puzzle.
  • Choosing Presets: There are preset options available for you to choose from. These presets offer pre-defined sizes and difficulty levels, making it easy to get started quickly.
  • Adjusting Board Size: You can also modify the size of the board according to your preferences. Whether you want a small, medium, or large puzzle, simply adjust the board size accordingly.

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